Productive day in the studio. Just finished the biggest vocal record of my career. Get ready. Update next week. Coming very soon. Yeah - thanks - thanks a lot. Appreciate it. Yeah yeah yeah. See. You. Later.
Back in the UK for #FSOE450 at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester on October 1st. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
Argentina I love you. Here's my set from the Saturday show at Groove. Download enabled. Until next time....
After a killer night at Output last week can't wait to be back in Brooklyn for this special OU200 celebration. All night take over. 9 hours. See. You. Later. Dot. Com.
Recording of the sold out Saturday show at Groove Buenos Aires..... On my soundcloud on Wednesday night. 8PM UK. Bye for now
On top of the world #la
The only OU show in the UK this year. Friday 7th October. Ministry of Sound Club Be there. Night night. #OpenUpUK #LondonUnderground
Pre show dinner with the crew #kbbq really up for digesting this in the next six hours #sixhourset #sandiego
#sixhours #again #sandiego Tomorrow is the finale! For a while πŸ”¨πŸ”¨
When Javier Bussola couldn't make it. #crack
Two absolutely incredible nights in the best place to play in the world. #OpenUpArgentina Big big love x x
Esscala at Output this Thursday. Playing open to close so get down early!!
Until next time my brothers and sisters of #argentina thank you for bringing me home #gracias #seeyounexttime #number1 πŸ˜πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·
Thank you so much for all the cool t shirts you gave me. So blessed to have the best fans in the world in #argentina #iloveyou guys ❀️
Tickets for Esscala at Output this Thursday -
#seeyoulater πŸ”šπŸ‡¦πŸ‡·
Evening stroll. πŸ“Έ #canon The calm before the storm. This is when it begins #argentina Tomorrow is sold out. Tonight has very limited tickets left. My advice... Simple. Do not miss out. #Mayhem #Pounding #Drillnation #VII #Openup
#love #argentina ❀️
This is it #argentina
Vancouver rocks!! What a way to end the OU CA tour.
Such a night #toronto
#openup #canada ✈️ #montreal #toronto #vancouver with this legend @djjohnaskew #VII #shadows #5 @theviicrew
#home #mum #belfast πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
#home #belfast can't wait for tonight #openup #VII
Thank you Monday Bar Sweden #rocking #vii #openup 🚣🏿
Here we go! #mondaybar #sweden #summercruise 🚣🏿🚣🏿
Back to Electric Daisy Carnival - EDC Orlando on 4th November! Insomniac Events Dreamstate
My show at Groove Buenos Aires on Saturday 10th September is sold out! Second show now added on Friday 9th. Get your tickets quickly - this is going to be a weekend like no other. #TechTranceRevolution #PsymonsHome #2 #Shadows #Uppers #OpenUp #TheVIICrew
Looking forward to being on the road with my brothers in arms John Askew & Sean Tyas for Open Up in Canada! Do not miss this.
The latest release on our label VII will be out on Monday and it's a monsterous masterpiece of an EP from Will Atkinson (#1). Representing the two moods of a part "Dusk" is when the euporia kicks in and the sun is setting while "Till Dawn" is the 142 end of the night stormer with massive emotional strings. Such a great release from Will. So much passion and emotion in both of these records and the difference in styles just goes to show how gifted this uber talent really is. League of his own. Dusk / Till Dawn. Night music for night people. Out Monday. #TheVIICrew
Create you were something else on Friday. Huge frustration to be cut short when I had a killer bunch of tech to close with - but the 4 or so hrs we had together were incredible. Love LA - like no other. xxx Thank you Insomniac Events. Big respect.
Create Nightclub LA this Friday. Open to close. Be there. Tickets:
This Saturday night looking forward to Kingdom Austin! #TX #OpenUp
Two massive live events coming up to celebrate #OU200 Watch this space. Announcement coming very soon.
Big one coming up at VENUE Vancouver! #OpenUpCA
First run of US tour dates kicking off tomorrow...
When this booking came in I can't begin to tell you how excited I was. Output has fast become the hottest club in America for quality underground music. To be asked to play there is an honour but to get the opportunity to do an open to close is damn right sexual. New York you have always been good to me and I've loved every show, every moment, every euphoric journey we've shared. But now I know I've got to up my game. It's a challenge I embrace with open arms and I want you to know that work has begun already on creating a unique and epic journey for this iconic dance floor. East coast Uppers I dedicated this OTC to you. Be there.
Create Nightclub remember this?? See you on August 12th for round 2. #OpenToClose #LosAngeles #UppersUSA #OpenUp Insomniac Events
Incredibly frustrated that I've traveled all the way to KL to find tonight's show is cancelled. Apparently the venue has been shut down due to a large electrical failure meaning there is no power or light. Alternative venues were discussed but a permit could not be sourced in time. I'm totally devastated. Was so excited to play this show. KL crowds are always so passionate and vibrant. After such an insanely good show last night in about a kick in the balls.