Big weekend. Gracias Holland and Poland
#Raven on VII By John Askew #VII #OpenUp #Poland
Night night Panama Amsterdam #openup
Week with the family 👪
Weekend movements: Luminosity Events & Tranceformations
#mycrew #family @theviicrew
Dinner time with the crew
The last day hanging with Sean Tyas John Askew Ryan Dinham and a quick visit to the @theviicrew offices. Photos, wine and finishing tunes. 🚀
My travel life ✈️
Number 1. Thank you so much. Big love to you all that bought it. #VII #1 #Spike
Back in the motherland tonight at Lush! Official
Always working. #Always #VII
Finally in the 🇬🇧 been a long month. Going miss you #Asia and #australia. Thank you so much for one of the best times ever. ❤🙏 you guys rocked! Back here to smash Europe and Uk for next month. Here's a little video of my single #Spike out now on @beatport on #VII @theviicrew plus a little montage of the last few days in #asia 🚀🙏🕺🏽 ---- link to buy
Read this: SP x
So happy to have Spike out there. I spent months on this track. If you liked Apex then you're in for a treat..... It's out now on VII -
Rocking #Surabaya
My day
On the runway to Surabaya
Can't wait! #Tomorrowland2017
#Staringatthesun As another day ends. A new one begins. Thailand you've inspired and primed me once again. This is the year. The game is well and truly opened up. Our game is #VII #Goodnight and #thankyou again to my wife and #thailand for taking me beyond the peaks 🇹🇭❤ #gamesetmatch #somuchlove
To the moon 🚀🌜 #halfmoonfestival with #vinivici
Looking forward to Beyond Wonderland in March! #Hammers
When you're staying on a remote island in absolute paradise with the woman of your dreams, having the time of our lives it's hard to drag yourself off the beach and get back in the rhythm of working. But after a long break from my Open Up Radio show I have to say I'm sat here now absolutely buzzing as I put together the first OU Radio episode in ages. So so up for this. I mean look at the view behind me...... If only this could be my office every day. Feeling very inspired today. So much insanely good new music. Make sure you're ready for it - one week today (Monday 30th) my OU show will return at 7pm UK. It will be two hours instead of one - which allows me to go deeper and darker in the first half and harder and faster in the second. High octane shit for sure. Monday 30th is also important as it's the date of my first single of the year - "Spike" - on VII. If you like being punched in the face by music - this is the one for you. Describe it in one sentence....."A drilling tech-psy battering ram on steroids". Keep watching #Uppers, set your reminders. Monday next week. Be here at 6.55 GMT ready for kick off. #OpenUp #VII #TheVIICrew
Very excited to see first tickets for our OU London show have now sold out! Last OU show at Ministry of Sound Club was grid locked so be sure to get in quick on the 2nd phase tickets. Link below. Can't wait to be back with my compadres Sean Tyas John Askew and Will Atkinson - drilling you on the best sound system in London. Link below.
Such an incredible place. For anyone who hasn't been I couldn't recommend this country more in every way. #humble #beautiful #paradise #thailand
So many stray puppies wandering the streets in #thailand. #exploringthailand I'd take them all.
Returning home next month.... see you soon Lush! Official
Thank you KL you were awesome. I have tons of stuff to put into a montage but here's a taster. Sick club and and amazing people. Thanks @hybridentertainment #goodtimes #malaysia #kualalumpur 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾
Thank you Melbourne and Evolution Events. 📸: Oneshot Media
Hello KL! ❤ #Australia ✈️🇦🇺 to #Malaysia 🇲🇾 #Travel 💤
Dinner time. Happy Christmas everyone!
I love my job
NYE /// NYD in Austraila. See you soon Evolution Events!
An unbelievable night playing a 10 hour open to close with John Askew. Unreal and these pictures really tell the story. Different level of energy in that room. Big up Esscala and everyone who was there in the night! Can't wait to be back soon. #OpenUp #OU667OneBadder
Still buzzing from Saturday in NYC Amazing to see so many VII crew in the house. Thank you so much to everyone that came down, to John and to the Esscala family / team for hosting such a phenominal end to the OU tour. We started back in Jan at Cielo NY and then put on amazing OU parties in Melbourne, Sydney, London, Buenos Aires, Washington DC, San Diego, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal..... ..........and so it was a perfect and fitting way to come back to NY and close out this incredible journey with a ten hour finale in a warehouse in Brooklyn. Blown away. Here's to 2017. Cheers! Later.
Really excited to bring you the first OU show of 2017 - at The Gallery Club in London along with Sean Tyas, John Askew and Will Atkinson. There are a limited number of phase 1 tickets available now for £10 here: Get them before they are gone!!! #OULondon