Really gutted to announce that I won’t be able to make my two shows in Canada this weekend dude to medical circumstances beyond my control. I apologise to all my fans in Edmonton and London Ontario that have been inconvenienced and of course to both promoters. My agent is working on replacement dates which I hope to be able to confirm and announce in the next few days. Hopefully for March 2017. :0(
Closing out Dreamstate on Saturday night. #Spike VII
What a disgusting thing to say..... #Spike VII
#Spike #VII #2 you ready for this Dreamstate?? #SeeYouSoon
Awesome show. Packed out room with amazing sound. Next up is Brooklyn NY for #OU200 - See Esscala for all details.
#uppers Join our family here: Wristbands now available!
Good work Chicago.
To freshen things up I’ve decided to change the format of my weekly Open Up Radio show. Episode 200 on December the 1st will be the last weekly show on DI. Instead after this each episode will monthly and double in length to two hours. The new episodes will air on the last Monday in every month exclusively on my own channels. Initially via facebook live on my FB page and then immediately after on my soundcloud as well as podcast download. First episode of the new Open Up show will be 7pm on Monday 30th January 2017. Cheers SP
What a night at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Orlando. Loved it. See you soon.
Check out the full official video for my new single Vapour Trails Get the extended mix here:
Very excited and proud to announce the release of my new single “Vapour Trails” on Insomniac Records - featuring the formidable vocals of genius songwriter Dave Wright. This record has been an absolute labour of love taking almost half a year to finish. There were many times in the process of making it that I wanted to take a hammer to my laptop out of frustration. It just took so long to get every single sound, harmony and layer perfect. The vocals were recorded, replaced, then recorded again. There were several rearrangements and at least 60 mix downs………until finally……. A version that hits the spot with precision and accuracy. This is a heart warmer inspired by my love and respect of real song writers – acts like Coldplay, Jon Hopkins and others that know how to write chord progressions and lyrics that make your hairs stand up, make a lump appear in your throat or a tear in your eye. These guys are the masters of controlling emotions through sublime melody and I look to them for inspiration in all that I do when it comes to making music. This is the official video shot by my good friend Anton at an incredible old building in Bulgaria. A left over relic from an age of communism that now stands covered in millions of personalised graffiti tags. It's a piece of contemporary art and a magical place for the likes of parkour street runner Lukas Steiner to push the boundaries of thier own art. I love this short movie and am incredibly greatful to everyone involved in the making of it. Before you ask……the answer is this video was cut to a shorter edit and so yes there is a full length tech influenced banger available now exclusively on Beatport. And for all you 140 Apex / Smack fans scratching your head……… Let me lay it out for you...... I have a picture I want to paint and I want to paint it using more than just one colour. But don’t worry…… come January the canvas will be getting a substantial addition of your favourite flavours. Oh shit. January. Just. You. Wait. #OpenUp #TheVIICrew
The full extended version is out now on Beatport. Here’s a preview of the official video. Out now on Insomniac Records
Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Orlando up this Friday! #EDCOrlando
#OU200 is heading to Chicago and Brooklyn!
Oh It's coming! Insomniac Records just wait.... #vapourtrails
Not long now until Dreamstate SoCal. 5 of VII representing.
November 4th - Insomniac Records
Last 2 x OU shows this year are coming up state side - in Chicago (Nov 19) and NYC (Dec 17). Open to Close at both. #OpenUpUSA #TheVIICrew
Wicked Open Up night at The Gallery Club Ministry of Sound Club where myself and John Askew played all night long!
Open Up at The Gallery Club tonight! Ministry of Sound Club London
Final call London
Totally buzzing and excited to say I've just signed to Insomniac Records in the US. Watch this space for imminent news on my debut single...... #GameChanger
Productive day in the studio. Just finished the biggest vocal record of my career. Get ready. Update next week. Coming very soon. Yeah - thanks - thanks a lot. Appreciate it. Yeah yeah yeah. See. You. Later.
Back in the UK for #FSOE450 at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester on October 1st. 🇬🇧
Argentina I love you. Here's my set from the Saturday show at Groove. Download enabled. Until next time....
After a killer night at Output last week can't wait to be back in Brooklyn for this special OU200 celebration. All night take over. 9 hours. See. You. Later. Dot. Com.
Recording of the sold out Saturday show at Groove Buenos Aires..... On my soundcloud on Wednesday night. 8PM UK. Bye for now
The only OU show in the UK this year. Friday 7th October. Ministry of Sound Club Be there. Night night. #OpenUpUK #LondonUnderground
Pre show dinner with the crew #kbbq really up for digesting this in the next six hours #sixhourset #sandiego
#sixhours #again #sandiego Tomorrow is the finale! For a while 🔨🔨
When Javier Bussola couldn't make it. #crack
Two absolutely incredible nights in the best place to play in the world. #OpenUpArgentina Big big love x x
Esscala at Output this Thursday. Playing open to close so get down early!!
Until next time my brothers and sisters of #argentina thank you for bringing me home #gracias #seeyounexttime #number1 😍🇦🇷
Thank you so much for all the cool t shirts you gave me. So blessed to have the best fans in the world in #argentina #iloveyou guys ❤️
Tickets for Esscala at Output this Thursday -
#seeyoulater 🔚🇦🇷
Evening stroll. 📸 #canon The calm before the storm. This is when it begins #argentina Tomorrow is sold out. Tonight has very limited tickets left. My advice... Simple. Do not miss out. #Mayhem #Pounding #Drillnation #VII #Openup
This is it #argentina